Hiking Boots/Footwear

Peakland Outdoors provide a superb selection of Men’s, Ladies and Kids walking boots from top outdoor Brands. Keep your feet supported and comfortable as you set off for another adventure in the great unknown. You can be sure of the highest quality with names such as Regatta and Hi Tec, as well as the stylish and comfortable Hush Puppy brand.

    Mens Footwear

Here at Peakland Ourdoors, we offer a fantastic range of Men’s Waterproof Walking Boots to keep your feet protected and warm no matter what the weather. We stock top Brands that provide everything you’ll need while outdoors, whether that be Family Tents, Waterproof Jackets, or even Expedition Gear. You can get it all here at Peakland Outdoors.

   Ladies Footwear

Our selection of Ladies Walking Boots will leave you spoilt for choice. Peakland Outdoors only stock the best outdoor Brands so you can be sure of the latest technology for your Boots. We also offer a fantastic range of Ladies Waterproof Jackets, Ladies Outdoors Trousers, or Ladies Softshell Jackets so you can be assured your ready for any eventuality.

    Kids Footwear

As well as our range of Men’s and Ladies walking boots, we also supply a great selection of Kids Boots so the whole family can enjoy outdoor activities in comfort and style. Peakland Outdoors bring you everything you’ll need for the next family adventure, with our great selection of Family Tents, Sleeping Equipment and Kids Walking Boots. Buy online today.

The Benefits of Outdoor Footwear

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors

The outdoors and all it has to offer has never been more popular than it is today, thus it makes good sense to own good quality Outdoor Footwear. Footwear, such as Hiking Boots, Walking Boots and Trail Running Shoes make the experience of the Great Outdoors, not only more enjoyable, but more comfortable overall.

Less Stress to your Knees

When you own good Outdoor Footwear, you will notice that knee pain and similar bodily discomfort will quickly become a thing of the past. Outdoor footwear made with less integrity, will only keep those problematic pains at bay for just a short while.

Ankle Support

Trail runners and hikers take their Outdoor Footwear very seriously because they would not be able to do what they love so well without it. Outdoor footwear such as High-Quality Hiking Boots have taken many men and women to new heights and even those who have less experience on the trails can still enjoy walking with greater comfort

Less Stress on your Feet

Physical disorders such as tendinitis have been lessened because of today’s Outdoor Footwear and hikers and trail runners alike couldn’t be happier. After all, the routine of walking and exercising outdoors is both great for your mind and your body. When you discover a great pair of Outdoor Footwear, you can rest assured that you will find your stride in no time.

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