Outdoor Sleeping Accessories

Peakland Outdoors offer a wide range of outdoor sleeping equipment including Sleeping Bags, Camp Beds and more. Make sure you don't sacrifice a good night's sleep by not being equipped with the best outdoor sleeping gear.

Be sure to also check out our full range of Vango Tents for a luxurious camping experience. Browse our selection of outdoor sleeping equipment and buy online today.

    Air & Camp Beds

Camping is great but a little stick or stone can turn a well-earned holiday into an absolute nightmare. That's why getting the correct Air or Camp Bed will make all the difference when planning for your outdoor adventure. Our Air Beds come from top brands like Vango, Coleman and Outwell so you can be certain youll be getting quality.

MummySleeping Bags

Mummy Style Sleeping Bags are unique because they have been ergonomically designed to improve heat retention. This is done by reducing the volume and surface area of the Mummy Bag and tapering from the head  to the foot. Make sure to check out our great range of Square Sleeping Bags, Sleeing Mats and Sleeping Accessories as well.

Square Sleeping Bags

Square Style Sleeping Bags are more spacious than Regular Sleeping Bags and that has made them increasingly popular with campers and couples. The downfall is they won't provide you with as much warmth but depending on your needs that might not be a problem at all. Make sure to check out our Mummy Style Sleeping Bags too.

          Sleep Mats

Peakland Outdoors offer a wide range of Sleep Mats to make your camping trip more comfortable. Forget pebbles in your back and uneven ground affecting your sleep with our fantastic selection. Be sure to check out our full collection of Sleep Mats and buy online today.

Sleeping Accessories

Peakland Ouitdoors supply an excellent range of Sleeping Bag Accessories including mosquito nets, Pillows and more. Keep safe and comfortable as you enjoy your outdoor adventures. Make sure you check out our fantastic selection of Pop Up Tents that take the hassle out of the camping set-up.


To help make your camping experience a little more homely, we have made sure we have a superb selection of Pillows to bring all the comforts of home to you. From Inflatable Pillows to Cushion Pillows, we have it all in our expansive range. Be sure to browse our full collection and buy online today.

All about Outdoor Sleeping

Sleeping outdoors is an awesome way to get away from the city life and just enjoy nature. Outdoor sleeping can be both easy and extremely difficult for any camper depending on how well he or she is prepared for the task. It requires a lot of precision and preparedness for it to be both fun and easy.

A Tent is one of the most common camping tools that every outdoor person loves. It provides the shade and protection from bad weather. It is the most used tool for Outdoor Sleeping. They are awesome and very effective at the same time. Their main disadvantage is that they are very large and heavy.


Hammocks are awesome while sleeping in the outside. They look good and appealing to the eyes because of the way they are shaped. They also help one to get off the cold ground which is full of bugs and slimy creatures. Plus it is very comfortable. Sure hanging a hammock in the outdoors is fun but it also has its disadvantages. When using a hammock one has to find good trees that are spaced up nicely in order to hang it.


Using tarps is awesome while doing light Backpacking. Tarps are easy to carry around and also easy to set up. They are also very compact and have a lot of space to help you move around in the inside. The disadvantage of using tarps is that they are very expensive; the price might dent the camping budget. They are also not weather proof so sleeping outside in bad weather might prove difficult if not impossible.


Bivies are also common for outdoor lovers. A bivi is a weather proof bag you put your Sleeping Bag into to make it weather proof. It is used because it is extremely easy to set up and practical in bad weather. It will keep you warm and dry all night long. The disadvantage about this is that it does not have space to move around in and so it’s only effective when using for sleeping or as a survival bag.

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