Camping Accessories.

Here at Peakland Outdoors, we are proud to stock a wide range of Camping Accessories for everything you will need while enjoying the Great Outdoors. Whether you are looking for the best quality Tent Accessories or Camping Furniture from top outdoor Brands, we have it all at Peakland Outdoors.

  Stoves & Cookers

Here at Peakland Outdoors, we offer a fantastic selection of Camping Stoves from top brands such as Outwell, Campingaz and Coleman. You’ll be able to cook up a storm in our range of Single Stoves to fit any budget and our Double Stoves for those weeks away. Be sure to also browse our full collection of quality Tents or our range of Camping Stoves in our comprehensive outdoor store and buy online today.


To help make your camping experience a little more homely, we have made sure we have a superb selection of Camping Furniture to bring all the comforts of home to you. From Tables and Camping Chairs, to hammocks and storage baskets, we have it all in our expansive range. Be sure to browse our full collection of Furniture here at Peakland Outdoors and buy online today.

Lanterns & Torches

Let Peakland Outdoors help you to light the way with our superb range of Lanterns and Torches. Whether as an aid to light the way at night, as a comfort to children when the darkness seems scary, or as a way to light your face when telling creepy campfire stories, this selection is of the highest quality. With top names such as Outwell and Coleman, you can’t go wrong on your next outdoor adventure.

  Tent Accessories

Peakland Outdoors brings you a fantastic selection of Tent Accessories to make sure you have everything you’ll need to make your camping trip a success. Whether you’re looking for tent rings, outdoor mats or a rubber mallet, we have it all in our comprehensive collection of Tent Accessories. Make sure you also check out our great range of Outdoor Clothing and buy online today.


Here at Peakland Outdoors, we provide an expansive collection of General Accessories for all your outdoor pursuits. From Camping Accessories to Tent Accessories we have everything to have you fully kitted out. You’ll be surprised at the Accessories on offer as we have thought of everything you could need or want. So make sure your adventure doesn’t stop short when you realise you’ve missed that simple accessory.


Another camping essential that cannot be forgotten, is the sturdy Rucksack. Peakland Outdoors offer a selection of Rucksacks from top outdoor brands such as Vango, Sprayway and Regatta. In an array of designs and sizes, you’ll be spoilt for choice as you choose the Rucksack for you. Also check out our fantastic selection of outdoor Footwear to make sure your feet are protected from whatever mother nature has in store for you.

All about Camping Equipment

Camping is a common pastime for many. It is popular because it gives people a chance to get away from daily chores and enjoy some days in nature.

Camping Types

Even though camping is very popular, it is not an activity without stress. Much of the stress comes from the process of planning. All the Camping Equipment needed must be purchased and packed before the trip. The Camping Equipment you need for camping will mainly depend on the type of camping you plan to do. There are two types of camping known as backpacking and car camping. Backpacking is a trip where campers hike with all their camping gear, while car camping involves camping in a car close to the camp site. The Camping Accessories needed for the two activities are totally different. The compact size and lightweight properties of Camping Accessories needed for Backpacking, are more important than when Car Camping.


When searching for Backpacking Camping Equipment, you are required to search for Lightweight Equipment. From Sleeping Bags and Tents to Food Supplies and Cookware, you need to ensure you select only the most important equipment and opting for the lightest pieces. Since camping is about relaxing and enjoying nature, make the most out of camping experience by purchasing all the Camping Equipment you require from Peakland Outdoors. Here at Peakland Outdoors you will find a massive collection of Camping Accessories from Side Extensions for Tents to Water Proofing for your Jacket and many more Camping Accessories.Camping Equipment for Backpacking is completely different from Car Camping.

Car Camping

The attention on Camping Equipment for Car Camping is simple because camping sites are easily accessible. However, you will be required to bring along some equipment to make the site comfortable. Some of the equipment includes a Tent, Sleeping Mattresses, Chairs, Pillows and Cooking Equipment. Camping Equipment requiring electricity such as heaters, radios and small refrigerators might also be included because most of these sites provide access to electricity. The cost of Camping Equipment will depend on the type of camping experience you wish to enjoy. Most people choosing to go Car Camping select from a list of larger Family Tents which comfortably fits in the boot of the family car.

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